How secure is my personal information?

Lmazon.com uses industry-standard privacy protection; we don't sell, lease or otherwise distribute any personal customer information. What's more, all sensitive personal information is kept securely offline at our privately run datacenter.

My order has been sent, why don't I see the tracking info?

Your order has been sent, but sometimes it takes up to 48 hours for tracking info to show up in the tracking system or our own tracking system.

Do you ship in all countries?

We ship to most countries - ask us about your country.

When will I receive my items?

All items are made to order and are shipped in around 14 business days. 

Why does it take so long to get my order?

There are few reasons why your order may take much more time than usual.

If it is one of our regular items that is not made in USA or Canada, it might take some time if we don't have them in our local warehouse and if we need an extra 7 days to bring them from abroad.

Why some items are free and on the checkout I still have to pay?

We offer "FREE" of charge on selected products. These products must be cleared from our warehouse. Most of them are in limited quantities. You will have to pay for shipping (can vary from 3.95$ to 5.00$ depending on the item weight and size) and for the handling part (can vary from 2.00$ to 4.00$). Since these are clearance items, they take some space in our warehouse and we pay people to handle them, same for shipping.  

Please contact us if your order hasn’t arrived within the estimated delivery time. Keep in mind that delivery times on international orders may take slightly longer.